Natural gas compression equipments with screw compressor units


The compression equipment for natural gas, with helical rotors compression unit (screw compressor) has been certified and has entered in I.N.C.D.Turbomotoare COMOTI’s mass production.

Based on the manufactured and tested prototype the premises were created for developing, designing and manufacturing of a versatile range of natural gas compression equipments destined for exploitation fields in oil industry, enlarging, in this way, the marketing area for these equipments.

Main application range

  • Natural gas compression on the piping transport network;
  • Natural gas compression for process installations;
  • Well gas recovery, compression and transport;
  • Natural gas supply systems (booster) for gas turbine engines;
  • Compression of gases CO2 , N2 or gases compounds.

Awards obtained by the recovery and compression equipment

The recovery and compression equipment won the AGIR award in 2005, at the machine construction engineering section.