COMOTI - Romanian Research & Development Institute for Gas Turbines

 Founded in 1985, under the name of Scientific Research and Technological Engineering for Aviation Engines within INCREST, former aviation institute, COMOTI becomes in 1996, as a result of institutional evaluation and certification, COMOTI - National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines.
COMOTI - National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines is the only unit in Romania specialized in development and integration of scientific research, constructive and technological design, manufacturing, experimentation, testing, technological transfer and innovation in the field of aviation turbine engines, gas turbine industrial machines and high speed blade machines.           
Constant concern led to high reliability industrial products: power sets, electrical or turbine natural gas compressor sets and gas turbine cogenerative groups.
The experience gathered in the field of high speed blade machines allowed development, in own conception, of series of electrical centrifugal natural gas or air compressors and electrical centrifugal air blowers in a large variety of flows and pressures, making COMOTI the only national producer for such complex equipments.
  Internationally, institutional and professional proficiency of COMOTI in the field of gas turbine engines and high speed blade machines has been acknowledged by:
  • awarding a significant number of medals and diplomas in international expositions held in Geneva and Bruxelles; 
  • Institute's involvement in seven high enterprise European projects, within PC V and PC VI Frame Programs and partnership projects with GENERAL ELECTRIC – USA, NUOVO PIGNONE – Italy, G.H.H. RAND, M.T.U. AEROENGINES, DLR - Space and Aviation German Institute – Germany, SNECMA, AIRBUS-F, ONERA, VIBRATEC – France.
  • COMOTI - National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines is working according to a certified quality assurance system, in conformity with SR EN ISO 9001-2000, guided by the Total Quality Management theory.

    This way, continuous growth of quality and positive recognition both on internal and external market of the C-DI activity taking place in the institute, sustained by multiplying domain proficiency of I.N.C.D.T. COMOTI's researchers, allowed involvement in present days with scientific research, design, testing and small production in main research fields:
  • aviation turbine engines;
  • consume reduction, including new types of turbo engines fuel, co-generation, unconventional forms of energy, improvement of energetic efficiency for natural gas compression systems, etc.;
  • environment protection, noise reduction in aircraft and industrial turbo engines, wasted waters treatment units, air ventilation systems for the biological stage of wasted water cleaning I.N.C.D.T. COMOTI supplies assembling, start up, endurance tests and service for all delivered products in warranty and post warranty period.
  • Human resources quality and appropriate management strategy made COMOTI's products be a constant presence in most various areas and used by more and more beneficiaries from machine engineering industry, crude oil and natural gas extraction industry, petrochemical industry, energetic industry, construction materials industry, metallurgical industry and in the field of environment protection and environment friendly industrial systems.

    COMOTI - National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines has following certified laboratories:

  • Laboratory for experimenting and quality certification of turbine engines and power sets
  • Research and Experiments Center in The Field of Noise and Vibrations - Magurele Platform
  • Physics and chemical testing laboratory
  • Metrology laboratory
  • Combustion Chambers and Unconventional Energies laboratory
  • Compressor research and experimentation laboratory
  • Composite material laboratory for aeronautic field and space
  • Three-Dimensional Metrology Laboratory  

  • Services – Partnerships

    Specific proficiency in supplied services, partnerships.

    On demand manufacturing, technical assistance, assembling, overhauling and repairs for client's needs, in quality assurance regime according to SR EN ISO 9001 norms for:

    1.industrial and aviation gas turbine engines;
    2. electric centrifugal air compressors with flows up to 25.000 Nm³/h; 
    3. electric centrifugal air blowers, with flows up to 10.000 Nm³/h; 
    4. cogenerative sets - electric turbine generators, using methane gas, with powers of up to 10 MW; 
    5.high speed blade machines.