COMOTI – Romanian Research & Development Institute for Gas Turbines currently has 359 employees.
The structure of the research & technological development departments

The name of the team
1Research and Development for compressors and fans.
Compressors and fans testing bench
2Dynamic gas calculation. Polytechnic University Branch in Bucharest

3Process centrifugal air compressor and air blower
4Gas turbines special components, defense products.
Physics and mechanic testing laboratory
5Automation for gas turbines, compressors and electrical engineering

6Resistance and vibration calculation

7Screw compressors packages

8Gas turbines industrial applications, Co-generation

9Turbines, Gas turbine package, Gas turbines testing bench

10Environmental protection equipment
11Physics and chemical testing laboratory.
Acoustics and vibrations laboratory
12Composite materials research laboratory for aeronautic field

13Combustion chambers and unconventional energies.
Combustion chambers testing bench
14Gh. Asachi University Branch in Iasi

15CN Programming and Technology Research
16Semifinishing, casting and forging technologies

17Gas turbines and Compressors Assembling-Service

18Research and Development for Space Equipment

19Research and Development of Propulsion Systems for Unmanned Aircraft. Multi-role Drones