• Contract nr. 139 din 2006
  • New, efficient, chemical treatment and centrifugal separation technologies in integrated components to prevent soil and water infestation with waste from the oil industry
  • Contract nr. 254 din 2006
  • Increasing the performance of industrial turbines by developing new engineering concepts and integrating advanced maintenance technologies
  • Contract nr. 272 din 2006
  • Research on the use of biomass in cogeneration plants with turbo engines
  • Contract nr. 274 din 12.09.2006
  • Research to increase the reliability of cogeneration groups and reduce production costs by increasing the automation degree and alignment with European Community standards
  • Contract nr. 316 din 04.10.2006
  • Modern solutions to increase the efficiency and reliability of power transmission from the turbine to the electric generator in cogeneration plants up to 10 MW
  • Contract nr. 753 din 11.09.2006
  • High energy efficiency equipment used for underground gas storage in areas experiencing difficulties in gas supply
  • Contract nr. 67 din 2005
  • New high-temperature, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material with original technologies designed for surface coating of elastic components in turbo engines
  • Contract nr. 70 din 2005
  • Integration of new knowledge and technologies in the field of high performance materials and new generation production for centrifugal rotors from turbomachines
  • Contract 120 din 2005
  • New technology to prevent surface water pollution by recovering hazardous chemicals from technological cooling fluids, usable as valuable raw materials in technological processes
  • Contract 140 din 2006
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of centrifugal compressors by integrating new technologies and materials in the field of surface coating to reduce rotor-stator gaming
  • Contract nr. 281 din 13.09.2006
  • New types of polycarbonate combustion chambers with pulsating operation
  • Contract nr. 315 din 2006
  • Theoretical and experimental research for the production of electric power by using low intensity wind potential with environmental protection of pollutants
  • Contract nr. 174 din 20.06.2006
  • Theoretical and experimental researches on expert systems for optimal exploitation of technological processes for wastewater treatment in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants
    MTPA 12
  • Contract nr. 93 din 2005
  • High-capacity stand-alone installation for discharging water from flood-prone areas
  • Contract nr. 101 din 2006
  • Developing EU partnerships in new computing, design, manufacturing, and experimentation of components of future aviation engines and integrating the institute into work. ERA (European Research Area)
  • Contract nr. 6 din 2005
  • Advanced solution for reducing the noise produced by passenger transport engines - TRIPLUFLUX
  • Contract nr. 5 din 2005
  • Advanced methods of calculation, design, analysis and execution of aviation parts - the DUBLUFLUX turbine fan
  • Contract nr. 95 din 2006
  • Mobile system for acoustic monitoring and noise mapping in accordance with the latest European Directives and Regulations
  • Contract nr. 96 din 2006
  • New method for the evaluation of petroleum products and waste oils by the determination and quantification of polychlorinated terphenyls (PCTs) and polychlorinated benzyltoluenes (PCBTs)
  • Contract nr. 108 din 2006
  • Promoting international cooperation in the use of Romania's wind energy potential and the production of electricity using renewable sources
  • Contract nr. 88 din 2006
  • Promoting at European and international level Romanian research and projects in the field of materials used for the production of turbo engines in order to prepare for participation in EU 7 PC
  • Contract nr. 93 din 2006
  • Support action to reduce emissions from turbojet engines for greening air transport
  • Contract nr. 7 din 2005
  • Implementation of new measurement methods in accordance with European standards and directives on air quality assessment
  • Contract nr. 9 din 2005
  • New measurement methods in the field of acoustics and vibrations assimilated according to the latest European directives and norms