3.9.1. EXTURBO
Results Presentation

A high quality research involves modern testing stands, properly equipped . In order to align the Romanian research in the aerospace, energy and environment fields to European standards, Institutul National de Cercetare - Dezvoltare Turbomotoare COMOTI aims to increase its research capabilities and competitiveness. To achieve this objective the Modernization and development of the logistic base for a Gas Turbine testing complex/ EXTURBO project was implemented, the Gas Turbine testing complex being one of the institute’s facilities . This project was financed from structural funds, through program Capabilities.

The testing complex used in high scientific level research regarding testing the latest aircraft engines, aviation and industrial engines of the future consists of three major components:

  • Experimental jet engine test cell in the range 0-10000 daN, relocated metal construction;
  • Power groups 0 -5,2 MW range experimental cell, reinforced concrete new building;
  • Micro-engines experimental cell;
  • Multifunctional building (control and command room, liquid fuels room, offices, engine preparation for experimentation room, metrology workshop, storerooms, toilets and changing rooms) with power electrical installation, g eneral lighting and safety installation, water and sewage system, heat and air conditioning installation.

Additional to these buildings it is necessary: a cooling tower, high pressure natural gas pipeline extension and the new complex connections to water supply networks, sewerage and electricity.

Virtual image of the Gas Turbine experimental complex

Also, for testing power groups at higher regimes a hydraulic dynamometer for the mentioned power range and relatively high turbines speeds is required. In this respect , it was purchased a hydraulic dynamometers in tandem system that can be reconfigured from hydro -mechanical and electro -pneumatic point of view, to allow testing and monitoring of two Gas Turbines / turbine simultaneously and independently with functioning parameters reduced to half (power = 2600 kW = 1500 Nm torque, speed 24 000 rpm), as ell as the operating software and all additional systems required for proper operation.

Hydraulic dynamometer

In order to achieve high-quality measurements, comparable to those made by large companies from Gas Turbine field, capable of providing required accuracy in the range of values corresponding to the type of gas turbine tested in this experimental complex, has been acquired a modern data acquisition system consisting of an information processing equipment and pressure measuring equipment. These systems , of modular type, contain all the necessary elements for acquisition and processing all types of signals, including multifunctional acquisition modules, multifunction analog input modules, conditioning modules and data acquisition from thermocouple, dynamic signals analog input modules, electronic scanning modules of the temperature compensated pressure, modules connection chassis, computer system, software tools for acquisition, processing and displaying data, and all connecting elements between the modules. The electronic system’s sampling frequency is 500 kHz, which is the peak for transitory regime testing nowadays. It is also intended to purchase and / or manufacture comb check rods and check rods with multiple holes required for speeds, pressures and temperatures fields sampling.

Elements of the transitory regime instrumentation system, the latest generation

Undoubtedly , the modernization of the research infrastructure gas turbine field will improve the quality of research in the Institute and will increase therefore the Institute’s opportunities to further participate, with renowned entities from this research area, in European projects.