3.9.1. EXTURBO
Detailed description

Project’s relevance

In 1974 IAR 93 took off, the first Romanian design fighter powered by a jet engine. In 1983 was put in operation the first Romanian design turbocharger group powered by an aero-derivative gas turbine that used natural gases as fuel. In 2002 was put in use the first Romanian design cogeneration plant for simultaneous producing of electricity and heat, driven by an aero-derivative gas turbine. In 2009 was tested the first Romanian design aero-derivative gas turbine, fueled with synthetic deposit gas.

The mentioned events show a continuos interest in Romania for applicative research in the gas turbine field and for economical applications using gas turbines.

INCD Turbomotoare COMOTI, by its specialists, was and is involved in all events related to applied research in the field of gas turbines in Romania. The proof is the portfolio of obtained projects in internal and international competitions and direct contracting with various beneficiaries.

The personal involved in the research activity is formed in the Romanian school and evolved as researchers at INCD Turbomotoare COMOTI or other research institutes. The proof of the research personal quality consists of medals, patents and participation at international projects.

Research activity at INCD Turbomotoare COMOTI was and is closely related to the experimenting activity. In our experimental stands have been tested the solutions for the first turboprop engine prototype, in Romanian conception, TP1 equipped with a tractor propeller, designed for the IAR 705 aircraft and the first aero-derivative gas turbine in Romanian conception, AI 20 GM, designed for groups of reserve power in stations for natural gas pumping along the main pipelines. There have been hundreds of hours of testing that ensures the operation of a gas turbine (fuel supplying, lubrication, cooling, safety, limitation, air intake and exhaust fumes). 72 hours continuous operation tests have been performed, without intermediate stops, to observe the endurance of components at temperatures above 800 0 C and speeds of 33,000 revolutions / minute.

Valorization of accumulated knowledge in the field of turbo engines is supported with an appropriate and modern experimental base . Advanced research equipment in the '80s (transducers, execution elements, electronic components, etc.) are outdated today physically and parts are difficult to find nowadays. Advanced research of the thermodynamic processes in the gas turbine requires miniaturization and performance for the full range of transducers (pressure, temperature, stresses, etc.). Measurement and recording of experimental data requires accuracy, reliability and availability of the means of measurement and acquisition.


Considering the results obtained so far in research field of gas turbines as well as the perspective give by the involvement i n international consortiums, by this project INCD Torbomotoare COMOTI proposes the following:

  • Rrealization of the convergence with the EU gas turbine research area
  • Strengthening the INCD Turbomotoare COMOTI capacity of participating at international projects from the field of aeronautic applications, considering the results obtained till now in FP 5, FP 6, FP 7 by projects in the gas turbine field SILANCER, METHOD, VITAL, JEAN, COJEN, ABRANEW, OPENAIR, TEENI, X3 NOISE, in order to develop the accumulated knowledge
  • Increase the technical level of energy applications for small and medium power gas t urbines used to produce in the same time electricity and heat in a cogeneration system (exploiting INCD Turbomotoare COMOTI experience achieved by designing the cogeneration plants in SC TERMICA Botosani and SC Petrom OMV, Suplacu de Barcau subsidiary, county Bihor)
  • Further research into the effectiveness of gas turbine’s operating with unconventional fuels (biogas, bio-ethanol, bio-diesel)
  • Development of Romanian designed gas turbines for aerospace and industrial applications
  • Attract young graduates and training researchers / specialists in the gas turbine field in order to capitalize the gained knowledge by ensuring the transfer of competence between generations


To achieve the proposed goal specific equipment will be purchase, as follows:

Gas turbine loading systems + annexes, measurement and gas turbine related components validation + annexes, Detection and alarm system, Monitoring system, Video surveillance system, Noise protection system, Server for CFD applications, CFD software applications , Pressure scanning equipment with calibrating system built in, Torque transducers , Force transducers, Electric generator charging system, Fuel flow transducers, Gas turbine handling system, Thermal dilatation regulators, Mechanical alignment system


Creation of 2 new RD laboratories, upgrading an existing laboratory, purchase last generation equipment for RD, create or maintain 40 jobs in the RD field due to the project.