3.11.2. DevPump
Results Presentation

Phase I (19.11.2012-14.12.2012) – “Project Implementation”
Is the first of the six project phases and constitutes as final phase in the year 2012. It can be mentioned that in this phase the activities from phase II have commenced, leading to their reports at the end of phase II, on 28.02.2013.

  • Phase Objective

The objective of this phase consists in ensuring the project’s implementation and visibility. The activity of the project management team is related to this objective and the project consortium members meeting has analyzed the phase objectives, the results and took the decisions required in order to achieve these objectives.

  • Scheduled Results for Phase I

Through DevPump project, the development of a logical activities succession it’s pursued, that will to the achievement of a turbopump system destined to equip liquid fuel rocket engines. All phases of this complex process will be identified, contributing in this way to the development of rotating machinery that use liquefied gases (hydrogen/oxygen), bearings and sealing technologies, fabrication methods, the development of material data base and hydraulic, gasodynamic, stress and vibration calculus methodology. The expected results will be materialized in producing an advanced strategic planning in the field of turbopump systems, gaining the scientific and technological knowledge at European level,  that will ensure Romanian visibility in this domain.     
The expected results for this phase consists in ensuring project’s implementation and visibility through a first consortium meeting (kick-off meeting) that will establish project management (ways of communicating with Contracting Authority and between consortium members), presentation of each project partner activity and the personnel involved in the project, establishing the work plan and project dissemination and a general presentation of turbopumps.

  • Phase I Results

DevPump’s first phase results are materialized in a report of the first meeting (kick-off meeting) that cumulates all the aspects regarding:

  • Project management;
  • consortium presentation;
  • the presentation of participating personnel and the capabilities of every individual, utilized for the development of the turbopump assembly;
  • liquid fuel rocket engine turbopumps general presentation;
  • project dissemination;
  • project work plan;