3.13. HeliAc


For maintaining a good position on the helicopter market, IAR Brasov SA must develop an industrial production using modern technologies based on TGE European strategy and introduce into the European market competitive products. To improve the acoustic comfort, for crewmembers and passengers for Executive and VIP versions, IAR SA is searching solutions to reduce noise inside the cabin, without making changes on its structure or propulsion system. The main objective of the project is to support IAR Brasov in developing helicopters that will permit from acoustic comfort point of view, to enter the European market with products based on new concepts of advanced materials that respond to the client's requests. Thus, is aimed to identify new phono-absorbent structures, with high economic potential no just for the helicopter manufacturing industry but also for any other industry (i.e. automotive industry).
The new developed structures will be designed to obtain a reduction of the noise pressure level inside the cabin of approximate 5 dB. The project is structured on 4 clear development steps: existing solutions characterization, search of advanced materials that will comply with requirements, testing and selection of the best-obtained solution and the last step: validation on helicopter.
From the secondary objective one can briefly mention: the acoustic characterization of the helicopters produced by IAR Brasov SA, knowledge transfer from the acoustic domain into the market by undertaking activities specific to industrial research; strengthening practical training of students from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, UPB by performing practical training at IAR Brasov and INCDT COMOTI.


The main project objective is supporting IAR Brasov in developing his industrial production using modern technologies that will allow by interconnecting the existing expertise in universities and research centers, to access the European market with products based on new concepts for advance materials and which are responding to the client needs. This aims to identify a new sound-absorbing structure, with high economic potential not only for helicopter industry but also for all the industry field which are experiencing high levels of noise, for example auto field.
The new developed structures will be designed to obtain a lower noise level inside the helicopter cabin, estimating a 5 dB decrease to the existing one. This estimation can suffer modification due to the fact that the facto situation is unknown, essential information in developing new solution, especially for the frequency spectrum.
The main secondary objectives are:
- IAR Brasov helicopter cabin acoustic characterization through measurements;
- Acoustic and vibration knowledge transfer into the market by conducting activities specific for industrial research: studies, new solution concept, acoustical simulation, tests, develop documentation, proving the functionality, etc;
- strengthening practical training of Aerospace Faculty students (UPB) by conducting practical training at IAR Brasov and COMOTI;
- intensifying cooperation between economic agents (IAR Brasov SA) and universities or research centers (Aerospace Faculty-UPB and COMOTI) by conducting a joint research project aiming to increase the performance and competitiveness of the economic operator.


Phase I - Economic agent product evaluation

Phase II - Helicopter acoustic characterization and new noise reduction solution for helicopter passanger cabin

Phase III - Helicopter validation