Three-dimensional measuring lab


The Three-Dimensional Measurement Laboratory performs design / development of new programs for three-dimensional measurements, shape deviations and high precision positioning, computerized acquisition and processing of data and diagrams to meet customer requirements and applicable regulations.


Coordinate measuring machine, model DEA DELTA 34.04 has a graphical interactive CAD programming system (PC-DMIS software) that develops programs and methods for measuring complex geometric surfaces.


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DEA – DELTA 34.04 Digital Electronic Automation


  • Active Race: 1830 x 1830 x 1375 mm
  • Resolution: 0,001 mm
  • Imprecision:
  • for racing˂ 1000 mm
  • axis X: ± 0,015 mm
  • axis Y: ± 0,013 mm
  • axis Z: ± 0,008 mm
  • for the entire active race
  • axis X: ± 0,030 mm
  • axis Y: ± 0,025 mm
  • axis Z: ± 0,010 mm


TALYROND 73 Taylor Hobson is a tool for high-precision measurement of the outer and inner profile of a piece, even under a bold contour. It is also possible to measure deviations from circularity, flatness, perpendicularity and concentricity in the same section or in different planes.






  • Dimensions for measuring products
  • Max. outside diameter to be measured: 355 mm
  • maximum inside diameter to be measured: 355 mm
  • minimum inside diameter to be measured: 3 mm
  • max. permissible height of the piece: 450 mm
  • maximum permissible workpiece weight: 68 kg


Imprecizia instrumentului de măsurare

radial: 8 trepte de amplificare a măsurării cu impreciziile max.: de la 0,000025 mm până la 0,00016 mm

axial: 0,00005 mm


The three-dimensional measuring lab had to measure unique complex parts and assemblies of the aviation engines to be mounted on the research stands of various partners such as SNECMA - France, TURBOMECA - France, Central Institute for Aviation Engines in Moscow - Russian Federation , DLR - Germany.


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The immediate objective is to develop the three-dimensional measuring laboratory by providing modern measurement and calculation techniques and expanding the measurement capabilities by importing native CATIA files.