Oil-injected screw compressors for natural gas, air, CO2, N2 and other


I.N.C.D.Turbomotoare COMOTI provides a wide range of compression equipment, on which compression units are oil-injected rotary screw compressors.

Our Institute manufactures and supplies the CU-series (CU64, CU90, CU128) basis a license agreement.

This type of rotary screw compressors find a market position through a continue research and development and also gained a diversified size range in a more explosive way than any other compressors type in the last decade.

Feedback from potential customers necessarily imposed the design of a screw compressors family, products able to develop in the first instance discharge pressures of 45 bara and flows about 5,000 Nm3/h, following in the next stage the Institute to develop products that achieve discharge pressures of 75 bara.

New research project: a new family of screw compressors that achieve until discharge pressure of 50 bara.

Screw compressor with oil injection type CU90HP

COMOTI Institute's experience in design and execution of compression equipment has created conditions for a new challenge: to produce a screw compressor with oil injection, starting from a CU90G compressor, able to provide the following:

  • suction pressure: 5 bara;
  • discharge pressure: 45 bara;
  • flow: arround 1,000 Nm3/h.

As a crowning effort of design, the final product was tested with good results on the air test stand of the Institute.

Screw compressor with oil injection type CHP 220

In partnership with City University from London and GHH-Rand Company Germany, I.N.C.D. Turbomotoare COMOTI approached the production of a screw compressor with oil injection type CHP 220 having following operating parameters:

  • suction pressure: 4.5 bara;
  • discharge pressure: 45 bara;
  • flow displaced: 5,000 Nm3/h;
  • gas pumped: gas.