List of INCD Inventors COMOTI 2008 - 2009

Turbomotor with central wheel

The invention relates to a turbine engine with a central wheel comprising several stages of the compressor and the turbine and several combustion chambers. Authors: Silivestru Valentin, Petcu Romulus, Cristian Carlanescu, Popescu Jeni, Vilag Valeriu.

Nr. patent application: A / 00542 / 13.07.2009

Gas Fuel Supply System

The invention relates to a gas fueling installation having a homogenization system integrated.
Authors: Petcu Romulus, Vilag Valeriu, Popescu Jeni, Calinoiu Serban, Banea Elena, Clericita Cleopatra

Nr. patent application: A2009 00181 / 25.02.2009

Pulse Polycarbonate Combustion Chamber

The invention relates to a pulsating combustion chamber capable of operating with liquid fuel, particularly gasoline and gaseous fuels, respectively LPG, butane, propane, separately or simultaneously.
Authors: Ursescu Dan Dumitru Walter, Vasiliu Pavel Doru, Hritcu Eusebiu, Tardea Ion

Nr. patent application: A / 2008 00738 / 19.09.2008

Centrifugal Rotor
The invention relates to a centrifugal rotor with a circular ribbon positioned on the cover Authors: Silivestru Valentin, Niculescu Mihai, Savu George
Nr. patent application: A / 00816 / 14.10.2008

Vertical spindle wind turbine
The invention relates to a wind turbine that can be used to convert wind energy at low speed into electricity
Authors: Ionescu Mircea Dan, Silivestru Valentin, Savu George

Nr. patent application: A / 00690 / 08.09.2008