Maintenance, service, assembly


For both the installations it produces and other types of complex machines with rotary machines, I.N.C.D. COMOTI turbo engines, through its specialized service-assembling section, provide specialist maintenance by performing functional revisions and checks, expertise and diagnostics.

I.N.C.D. COMOTI turbo engine has in its organizational structure besides the service-assembly section and a series of specialized laboratories for verification, expertise and metrology of the used equipment and turbomobile stands.

Inspections, verifications and expertise

I.N.C.D. COMOTI turbines, through its scientific and technical performance, implement new and modern methods of maintenance according to the recommendations of the European directives and standards in the field of energy.

For a more accurate analysis, measurement and control equipment and equipment are required, both portable and within specialized laboratories.

The Institute has the performance equipment providing the "tool kit" needed by the new maintenance system. This "Toolbox" contains:

Portable control, inspection and investigation equipment:

  • Portable balanced dynamic rotors and rotating assemblies and portable system for "in situ" imbalance checks;


  • Video Camera Boroscope - Visual instrument for visual control of turbocharger interior;

. . . . .

  • Thermography apparatus - infrared visualization and temperature measurements;

. . . .

  • Portable performance apparatus for vibration measurements;


  • Laser alignment equipment for rotors;

. .

  • Portable qualitative oil checker;


  • Portable performance apparatus for noise and air quality measurement;
  • Mobile Laboratory for Measurement of Emissions Measurement and Measurement of Pollutants in Ambient Air - Advanced Metering and Noise Monitoring System.


Control equipment:

  • Processable performance calculators;
  • Sound and vibration measurement apparatus;
  • Performance equipment for chemical pollution control measures and air quality;
  • Oil quality testing apparatus;
  • Dynamic balancing equipment for rotors weighing between 500 g and 2000 kg;

. .

  • Three dimensional measuring devices - coordinate measuring device - DEA - DELTA;

. .

  • Deviator control of shape and position - TALYROND;


  • The metallographic analysis performance apparatus. Metallographic expertise;


Revisions, repairs

INCDT COMOTI offers its services, with personnel with adequate training, in order to achieve timely and quality repair and repair works, complex equipment and installations, according to the program in the operating and maintenance instructions, as well as unscheduled revisions, under conditions advantageous for the beneficiary, ensuring the maintenance and operation of the machine under the proper conditions.

. .