Automation and electrical engineering


Products and services

  Research, design, manufacturing of unique and small series products in the field of industrial automation for aviation aviation turbine engines, industrial gas turbine engines and high speed pallet machines;

  Research & Development of electrical and automation products within national and international programs

 System integrator for complex electrical and automation installations: Cogeneration plants based on methane gas turbine engines, Gas compressor stations;

  Electric drives and industrial automation with various programmable automatic machines and HMI and SCADA programs for centrifugal compressors, electric blowers and screw compressors

  Test stands for equipment testing: compressors, turbo engines, blowers, aggregates

  Modernization of electrical and automation systems in the field of oil, gas, power generation

  Maintenance and service for automation installations and electric drives in the oil and gas field

  Technical assistance and interventions during warranties, post-warranty and on-demand

  Personnel training for products


Previous works


Compression of methane gas

  BOOSTER Compressors for C3 cogeneration central Suplacu of Barcau;

. . .

  Screw compressor - Electrical and automation installations - More than 70 installations in various locations;

. . . .

  Solar Compression Group from STC Onesti - Rehabilitation of the automation system;

  Ingersoll Rand Compressor Group with GT-22 Onesti - Modernization of automation system;

. .

  GTC - 1000 gas turbocompressor group and ECG 7-250 methane gas compressor at Schela Ticleni, Gorj - Electrical and automation installation;



  GTE 1800 SB cogeneration central with two groups consisting of turbogenerator with PRATT & WHITNEY ST 18 engine, electric generator and re-boiler recovery boiler - Design, execution, system integration and commissioning - electrical and automation part;

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  Cogeneration central GTE 2000 BT at CET Botosani - Integrator for electric system.


Air compression

  Centrifugal compressor station with 10 compressors CCAE 21-300, Suplacu of Barcău - electrical and automation;

  Centrifugal air compressor 9-125 - electrical and automation installation - Linde Hungary;

  ESC 3.5 ESC 5 and ESC 10 (Waste water treatment plants - Dej, Slatina, Targoviste) - Electrical and automation installations.

Various works

  Vibration and Speed ​​Monitoring System Detamanizer Expander;

  Design, construction and installation of Vibration, Speed ​​and Temperature monitoring equipment, GE Bently Nevada, at STC Shaft for 4 turbocharger groups;