General Presentation

"ANIMA - Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches"

ANIMA consortium is based on the collaboration of 22 partners across Europe with advanced skills, prestigious background with a long track record of projects, publications, platforms and tools, in-house expertise and capabilities, bringing together not only a critical mass but also highly complementary expert teams from western, southern, northern and eastern Europe.

An effective exploitation and impact is guaranteed by the participation of 3 Major European research organisations (ONERA, NLR, DLR), 7 universities (MMU, UR3, BME, UCP, UoS, NAU), other 3 public institutes (NIJZ, TSC, COMOTI), 4 SMEs (ANOTEC, ENVIRONNONS, ZEUS, ERDYN), 2 European large aviation sector companies (SAE, AIRBUS), 3 airports (HEATHROW, IASI, SCHIPHOL) and 1 Brussels-based NGO representing local authorities (ARC).

The excellence of each partner, recognised by previous European grants is a major strength of the consortium. Their individual excellence, when combined in ANIMA, will enable high-level synergy, beyond the-state-of the art results and high level achievements.

Expected Results:

  • Guidelines on Noise impact management strategies including operational procedures, land-use planning, operating restrictions, noise footprints and interdependencies
  • 24/7 Noise Management Toolset (models, tools, simulators)
  • 24/7 Design Toolset (models, tools, simulators)
  • Public database (results from annoyance surveys, pilot studies and others)
  • Community oriented deliverables on quality of life, wellbeing and others (mobile applications)
  • Common strategic research roadmap for aviation noise reduction

"This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769627".