Centrifugal compressor air atomisation is a new product in Romania fitted in industrial gas turbines for big power used in electricity production, to reduce pollutants emitted by these turbines.

Such a compressor takes 2 ... 3% of the flow of air compressed by the gas turbine compressor and it raises the pressure with a compression of about 1.5. This flow of air is introduced into injectors of the combustion chamber increasing in this way the quality of atomisation, and also a reduction of pollutants from the combustion process.

The result of project is the beginning of construction in series of Centrifugal compressor air atomization:

  • Type Compressed gas: air
  • Input Pressure: 178 psia (12,27 bara)
  • Compression Report: 1,5
  • Drive speed: 6600 rpm
  • Flow rate: 5,9 pps (pound/sec) (2,67 kg/sec)
  • Input temperature: 225 grd F (107,22 grd C)
Compressor type: centrifugal, in a single step, with multiplier speed. The operating is done through a transmission from the gas turbine, through a coupling, then is provided to external clients.

In the frame of the project the following main activities has been achieved:

  • Mathematical modeling for fluid dynamic calculations to optimize compression cycle in accordance with customer requirements;
  • Documentation of performance and technology for functional model;
  • Stand design and implementation, including the measurement of parameters;
  • Realization of component parts and design, assembly and functional prototype; 
  • Experimentation, tests and certification of the stand with the functional model.