Maintenance, service, assembling


For its own production as well as for other types of equipment, I.N.C.D. Turbomotoare COMOTI, through its assembling-service division, ensures specialized maintenance by performing overhauling functional checks and surveys.

I.N.C.D. Turbomotoare COMOTI has, besides assembling-service division, specialized laboratories for testing, surveys and standardization of used equipment and turbine engine testing bench.


Inspections, checks and surveys

I.N.C.D.Turbomotoare COMOTI, through its scientific and technical work implements new and modern methods to insure maintenance according to European directives and standards in energy field.

Installations and equipment are needed to measure and control for both portable and the specialized laboratories for a more accurate analysis. The Institute has been endowed with high end equipment, assuring "The tool kit" needed by the new maintenance system. This "Tool kit" contains:

Control, checks and investigations portable equipment:

  • Dynamic balancing machine for rotors and revolving assemblies and portable system for checking imbalances „in situ”;

  • Boroscope with video camera - visual checking optical instrument for the interior of turbomachineries;

  • Thermography diagnostic tool - infrared visualizing in and temperature measurement;

  • Vibration measurement portable high performance equipment;

  • Rotor alignment laser device;

  • Oil quality control portable device;

  • Portable high performance equipment for noise and air quality measurments;
  • Ambient air monitoring and emissions measurement mobile laboratory – advanced measuring and monitoring system for nozzle.

Control device:

  • Modern process computers;
  • Noise and vibration measuring devices;
  • Nozzle and air quality modern measuring devices;
  • Oil quality control device;
  • Rotor alignment device for masses between 500 g and 2000 kg;

  • Three-dimensional measuring devices – DEA – DELTA in coordinates measuring device

  • TALYROND form and position deviation checking machine

  • Metallographic modern analysis. Metallographic expertise.

Revision, repairing

I.N.C.D. COMOTI offers its services, benefitting of its own staff with appropriate training, in order to achieve the deadlines and the quality of its repairment and maintenance works, for complex machinery and installations, according to the schedule from the operating and maintenance instructions, as well as the unscheduled revisions, ensuring the maintenance and operation of the equipment in appropriate conditions, advantageous also for the customer.